Our History

The Kiwanis Club of Bluenose Golden K received its charter on September 29, 1989. As one of its community service initiatives the new club undertook to provide transportation for seniors needing to keep doctors and hospital appointments. Thus the Senior Wheels service was born.

Committee members looked after phone calls and scheduling from their homes and used their own vehicles to take seniors to their appointments. There was no charge for this service. After a year and a half it became apparent that with the demand for this service, it could no longer be handled in this fashion.

A decision was made to purchase a wheel chair accessible bus. It was realized that government grants would be needed to purchase and operate the bus. In order to qualify for grants a separate organization called Senior Wheels Association Inc. was formed.

A one ton wheel chair assessable bus was purchased with a number of Kiwanians co-signing the loan. (The practise of members co-signing loans to purchase new buses continued until our third bus purchase in 2013.)

A volunteer Board of Directors was formed with the mandate "To provide a free transportation service for seniors and those with special needs and other limited mobility clients". The new Board made a number of important decisions which have served the Association well over the years,

  • this would remain a free service,
  • The bus would go door to door and
  • the area to be served was set as the Town of Bridgewater and a seven kilometre radius from the Town boundary into the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg.

The new bus made its first pick-up on June 9, 1992. Three buses later, we took ownership of our fourth bus in September 2013.

As stated earlier phone calls and scheduling was handled by members in their homes. With the increased number of seniors requesting the service, requests for pick-up and the scheduling of drivers was turned over to Scotia Business Centre.

Kiwanian and Senior Wheels Board member Geoff Bennett designed the Senior Wheels logo.

In 1994 Bridgewater resident Pauline Levy became the 10,000th passenger.
Hazel Weagle was the 50,000 passenger on January 19, 2000. Marion Wentzell became our 150,000 passenger in April of 2011.

From our humble beginning when Kiwanis President Bruce Carroll and Vice President Geoff Bennett ran the Senior Wheels dispatch system from their kitchen tables, to March 31, 2015, we have carried a total of 177,463 passengers. We continue to carry out the mandate set out by the first Board of Directors in 1992.